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  Two of our founders, Naomi Shibuya and Jamie Immel are realizing a long-time dream by quitting their jobs at  E! Entertainment and Warner Bros., respectively, to travel the world for eleven months.  They will be working with other non-profits and meeting with people in nearly thirty countries, discussing the state of the world from the viewpoints of many different cultures and backgrounds.  They will be doing some work for One World Foundation, but paying all expenses of the tour on their own.  These pages of the website  will document their journey  in words, pictures, and (hopefully) video.  Their goal is to obtain interview and video footage to be compiled on their return into a cohesive statement about the inherent  common interests of all peoples of the world and the true nature of the human spirit.  This is indeed a very tall order in this cynical modern time, so we wish Naomi and Jamie all the good fortune and blessings necessary to satisfy this objective.  Please track their adventure with us by clicking the areas below - and don't forget to leave your feedback.  We apologize for the long download times, but there are many things we'd like to show you!

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