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The Principles outlined at Our  Mission directly relate to the following statement of purposes included in our Corporate Bylaws: “(a) to promote tolerance and understanding of different cultures and backgrounds by providing diverse groups the opportunities for interaction in various forums such as art exhibits, festivals, music events, literary promotion, sporting events and film production; (b) to provide direct community environmental clean-up and contributions to other charitable organizations focusing on wildlife and the environment; (c) to provide assistance, including healthcare, housing, food, education and job training to the disabled, sick, injured, homeless or otherwise disadvantaged either directly or through other charitable organizations;

Our activities are grouped by the area of our mission statement to which they relate.  The activities are very broad and the success of any program is obviously dependent on the level of financial support received from the general public, private foundations and government grants.  Most activities will take place primarily in Southern California and will be conducted by volunteers, members and employees of One World Foundation.  For some activities, we will be working directly with or in support of other charitable organizations as indicated.

A.                  Educational activities to promote tolerance and understanding                    

1.                  Music Events.  We believe that music is the most popular source of entertainment for all peoples of the world.  We also believe it is a unifying force for cross-cultural experience such as the recent Salsa explosion in Los Angeles, Paul Simon’s interaction with African Artists on “Graceland”, David Byrne’s Brazilian-themed albums, and Mickey Hart’s nod to Native American drumming. There is a long history of social awareness and commentary in music such as Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ In The Wind”, the Beatles’ “All You Need is Love”, John Lennon’s “Imagine”, U2’s “Pride, In The Name Of Love”, Bob Marley’s “Songs of Freedom”, and Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power”.  As any concert, particularly in Los Angeles demonstrates, music provides the forum for a very divergent group of people to get together and interact.  To this end, performers of different types of music including traditional, folk, jazz, pop, classical, rock, salsa, hip-hop, reggae, and world music will be recruited for cross-cultural events and festivals.  The events will be interactive rather than “listening” only so participants can truly experience the music of others.  A music event may also be combined with a number of other events which follow.

2.                  Sporting Events.  Sports activities are also largely non-cultural and can foster significant interactive experiences.  Witness the number of different nationalities making up any major baseball or soccer team and the number of European and African players in the NBA.  One World Foundation leagues will be developed which bring together different geographical and economic backgrounds for friendly competition based on teamwork and sportsmanship.  Individuals will initially be teamed with others from their same background/neighborhood, but teams will be split up and regrouped so that each team will consist of players with different backgrounds.  We believe this will foster communication, understanding and friendships that continue long after the games are over.  Imperative in this program would be the recruiting of coaches who not only share our objective, but can also lead and control a diverse team.  The leagues will begin with children and teenagers but will also evolve to adults.  The cooperation and assistance of local schools, recreation clubs such as Boys/Girls clubs is also essential.  Sports initially contemplated include basketball, softball, soccer and volleyball.

3.                  Art Events.  The most potent works of art (including painting, sculpture, crafts and other works) not only provide a window into the artist’s beliefs and background, but also makes the audience think about the world and their place in it,.  Museums and galleries of traditional arts, however, have gained an “elitist” reputation which ironically dissuades those who might benefit most by exposure to art.  We will strive to bring art to the people by staging events and showcases in their own neighborhoods by renting space there of traveling with vans, trucks, or other means.  These events will also be interactive, bringing not only finished pieces but also the artist’s materials so individuals can try painting and sculpting themselves.

4.                  Literary Programs.  Other than direct experience, reading is perhaps the single best road to understanding another’s perspective.  Like the works of Gandhi, Richard Wright and the Dalai Lama, stories of another culture, background or belief system may demonstrate various differences, but also confirm basic humanity and desires of all humans.  Programs will be developed with schools, libraries and other local groups to share materials across backgrounds and form clubs for discussion of books of all types including fiction, biography, poetry and photography.  Short stories, illustrations and poems will also be distributed in brochures, mailings and on the One World Foundation Website.

5.                  Film Production.  With the advent of digital technology and the internet, communication via video has become increasingly prevalent in our society.  The dramatic drop in costs have also made it very cheap to produce theatrical-grade films such as “The Blair Witch Project”, which was promoted heavily on the internet.  The opportunity for socially conscious messages to have a global reach have never been better.  For example, a short film about wildlife extinction, art produced in a remote country or victims of land mines could be shot on digital video and distributed on the website or shown portably at any of the literary, music or art events above.  As these will all be for non-profit purposes, there is no need for expensive talent, technicians, or effects and much of the crew can consist of disadvantaged individuals our organization is targeting for assistance.

6.                  Recreational Activities. One of our goals is to provide activities to those who would not normally be given these opportunities in an effort to broaden their worldview  For example, there are not a lot of horses in South-Central Los Angeles.  A “fieldtrip” to one of the many ranches in Los Angeles County would not only provide a new experience of a child from a poor neighborhood, but also allow him/her to develop an appreciation of things outside their small, perhaps insular world.  Other potential activities include hiking, boating, fishing, scuba diving, and perhaps even bungee jumping and skydiving.  Some of these activities would also provide an opportunities to develop trusting relationships with people from other backgrounds.  For example, one of the basic safety rules of scuba diving is that you always dive in pairs with a “dive buddy”. This relationship involves a level of communication and trust which could literally save the partner’s life if necessary.

B.            Environment and Wildlife Conservation                                                

1.         Direct Cleanup Events.  Members of the community, as well as the disadvantaged, will be recruited to visit rundown, trashy, or neglected areas in order to pick up trash, clean graffiti, paint curbs and fences, plant trees and flowers, and otherwise beautify the area.  This will of course be coordinated with the local governing authority to assure the program is consistent with local regulations.  The events will be patterned on the annual “beach cleaning” day sponsored in Los Angeles and will provide an opportunity to promote the organization as well.

2.            Promotion of other Environmental Charities.  In addition to our own activities, we plan to work in tandem with other organizations to publicize and promote their activities on our website, literature and event marketing.  Representative organizations would include for example, the World Wildlife Fund, the Nature Conservancy, the Surfrider Foundation, and Heal the Bay.  Depending on other programs, some funds may also be contributed to these organizations.

C.            Charitable Assistance to Promote Economic Freedom                              

1.            Literacy Programs. As indicated above, reading is not just a convenience in daily life, but also a liberating window to freedom of thought and experience.  In conjunction with local schools, libraries and other experts, our volunteers and staff will assist programs to improve both adult reading ability and children reading below their age group.

2.              Job Training Programs. Many adults – particularly the homeless, recovering addicts and ex-convicts – lack basic job skills to become contributing members of society.  In conjunction with local authorities and agencies, local employers will be recruited to take part in a job training programs to learn basic work and social skills necessary to maintain employment.

3.             Scholarship Programs.  Unfortunately, the high cost of continuing education is still not available to a wide range of otherwise qualified students. In conjunction with local schools, we will develop a scholarship program to provide college tuition, books and housing support to qualified candidates.  Candidates will be screened on the basis of grades, community involvement, financial hardship, and an essay contest.

4.            Transportation Programs. One barrier to maintaining a job for the disadvantaged is a lack of a reliable source of transportation.  We will provide subsidized vanpool or carpool transportation for work, healthcare or childcare purposes based on certain needs-determination criteria.

5.            Food and Shelter  Members of the community, as well as the disadvantage, will be recruited to help collect and distribute blankets, bedding, clothes and food to those living in the orphanages, group homes and streets of Los Angeles.

6.            Promotion of other Charities. In addition to our own activities, we plan to work in tandem with other organizations to publicize and promote their activities on our website, literature and event marketing.  Focus will be on charities that help the most defenseless of elements of our society - our children.  Representative organizations would include for example, Covenant House, A Place Called Home, LA Mission, Los Angeles Regional Food bank, Project Angel Food, Meals on Wheels, Save the Children, Make a Wish Foundation, Oxfam, and Unicef. Depending on other programs, some funds may also be contributed directly to these organizations.