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One World Foundation was incorporated  in 1999 by three CPAs in Los Angeles, California.  We are a non-denominational organization recognized as non-profit by the United States Internal Revenue Service and the State of California.  

As described in our Articles of Incorporation, our mission is to Help create a more fair and just world by promoting respect and understanding of different cultures and backgrounds, increasing environmental awareness and wildlife preservation, and providing direct charitable assistance to those in need.  In short, there is but One World, and we all share the responsibility to care for it and improve it for all generations to come.

Our members and supporters share our belief that much of the destruction, hatred, violence and injustice in the world is a result of a simple lack of understanding, experience, and respect.  We plan to address this by providing opportunities, forums and events in which ideas and experiences are shared and open to all.

We are not affiliated with any religious or political group.  In fact, we believe that religion and politics are more often than not an impediment to a real understanding of our world and a real peace on earth.

We understand that our mission is a challenge to thousands of years of human history, but a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single footstep.   If we change one life for the better, the journey will be worth it.  Since it has already changed ours, we are already a success.  We hope there will be many more.